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Studio Celine W

Where do we go now?

Where do we go now?

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Original painting by Studio Celine W

Acrylic paint on a stretched canvas

200 x 170 cm

Only shipped rolled up. 

"Where do we go from now?" is my largest painting to date. It's also the first painting of 2024 and symbolizes a new, unknown path. The colors will change with you, and adjust to the places you going. Like so many of my paintings, there are layers and layers of different vibrant colors underneath a thin cloudlike look. That means that throughout the day, as the light changes, so will the colors in the painting. Depending on what color you have on your wall or the furniture around it, it will make some layers stand out more. 

I aim to paint pieces that are timeless and can grow with you. This painting is a perfect example of that. 


Please note that the colors can change a bit depending on your lightning. All pictures are taken in daylight with a window in front of them. 


Celine W

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