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After six months of preparations and renovations, it was finally time to open the doors to my new studio and celebrate with a grand vernissage, where I could finally showcase the works I have been working on for the past few months!

Reed more about how the event went and see all the photos captured by the photographer!

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Finally introducing Limited Edition Fine Art Prints after a year in the working! See more about each print below

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The course is a step-by-step guided video on how to paint 4 different paintings. Since it's all online, you can watch it how many times you want, and whenever it fits you! 

My goal is to inspire you to start your painting journey and to find your own style to express yourself. I have worked a long way to come to where I am today, and in the beginning, I was so inspired by other artists to get started. By this, I hope that this gives you a step into the world of abstract art, and not to copy mine or any other artist's original work. It should be a safe space to create whatever flows in you.

Let's create some beautiful paintings together!  



Since I was a kid, I have loved everything expressive, creative, and chaotic. It took me a while to figure out how to best express myself. Except for making arts and crafts, I explored a lot with my character. I went to drama school and dressed up in really cool, funny and colorful clothes, even my hair matched my yellow skirt from time to time. My bedroom was in constant remake, and I still find myself turning my, now adult home, completely upside down when I get bored..

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