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Studio Celine W

Donald And Donald

Donald And Donald

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Original painting by Studio Celine W

Acrylic paint on a stretched canvas

180 x 120 cm

*Only available with rolled-up shipping*

This painting is one of my new favorites which has two new implements that I have never done before. On the horizon, you can see the skyline of a city and if you look close enough you might recognize some of the buildings from Stockholm, Sweden. 


Closer to us, we have a man sitting on a bench with a duck looking up at him. I asked you guys what we should name them and one of the suggestions was "Donald And Donald" which I love so much that I loved the piece after it. 


Want to see how the painting looks in your home? Copy this link and paste it into your browser - Donald And Donald AR View Link 


Please note that the colors can change a bit depending on your lightning. All pictures are taken in daylight with a window in front of them. The frame is not included in the price.


This beautiful home belongs to @stylebycamillas on Instagram. 


Celine W

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