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Studio Celine W



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Original painting by Studio Celine W 

Acrylic paint on a stretched canvas 

100 x 150 cm 

This piece is about the braveness of healing from trauma or mental issues. As hard as it is, sometimes staying with your anxiety can be more comforting than trying to heal. The fall can seem longer, and the constant fear of breaking can keep you from even trying. I have felt this so many times and the world can feel completely dark. 

This painting is made with a lot of layers to represent the feelings of both happiness and sadness. It has equal parts of joyful colors as it has darker and more earthy tones. Just as life goes, you can't have rainbows without rain, and you can't have the highs, without sometimes visiting the lows. 

When you try to heal and you break and feel like you just took a step back, I promise you, you just went ten steps forward for even trying. You are BRAVE.  

The collection will be available at my exhibition on Gästrikegatan 17 in Stockholm on the 11th of February at 2 pm. Available to purchase online at 3 pm. 


Please note that the colors can change a bit depending on your lightning. All pictures are taken in daylight with a window in front of them. 



Celine W

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