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Studio Celine W

Beginning Of Something New

Beginning Of Something New

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Original painting by Studio Celine W 

Acrylic paint on a stretched canvas 

100 x 150 cm 

The sky is full of colors but the main color is blue. 


This piece is the third of my more soft abstract landscape pieces. It was a roller coaster creating this painting and I really got to challenge myself. After many hours I came to love this piece and everything was coming together. I feel like "Beginning of something new" is a perfect name for this piece since it's exactly like I felt making it. Nothing is impossible, and there is always room to evolve. 


If you stand close to the painting, it's rough and full of contrast and the more space between you and the painting, the more soft it gets. 


Please note that the colors can change a bit depending on your lightning. All pictures are taken in daylight with a window right in front of them. 



Celine W

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