Do I Need to Pay Import Fees and Taxes?

For customers outside of the EU, it's possible that you may need to pay domestic import and tax fees. Each country has its own regulations in this regard, so we recommend checking your domestic rules and regulations for more information. Please note that import and tax fees are not within my control.


What Is the Delivery Time?

The delivery time depends on the shipping method you choose. Typically, the standard delivery time is 2-8 weeks. If you order a wood box, please keep in mind that I special order them once a month. Depending on when you place your order, it may take a little longer for the painting to be shipped.

If you choose rolled up delivery, the delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks. 


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

I offer shipping to almost worldwide destinations. If you don't find your country listed, please contact me via email so we can add your area.

To check if we can send a painting to your country, simply add a product to your cart and proceed to checkout. All available countries will be displayed there.

If you reside in Sweden, you have the option to collect your painting from my studio located in Vasastan, Stockholm.

Shipping with Wood Box and Insurance, the artwork is delivered in a wood box with OSB boards for protection. The insurance covers the value of the painting. In the unlikely event that it gets damaged during delivery, please email me with photos and receipts at info@studiocelinew.com and claim a complaint to the shipping company directly. 

Shipping prices vary based on the canvas size and your location. Prices start from 1500 SEK.


Do You Accept Returns?

Unfortunately, I do not accept returns on my paintings. Due to the delicate nature of artwork during shipping, I cannot guarantee that it will return in the same condition as when it was sent. If you are dissatisfied with your painting, please contact me at info@studiocelinew.com.

For customers in Stockholm who can ensure the safe return of the piece, you may return the painting within 14 days of purchase.


My Country Is Not Available at Checkout

If your country is not listed during checkout, please email me your address so I can check the availability of shipping to your location.


How Does "Rolled Up Delivery" Work?

When you opt for having your painting rolled up for delivery, I will carefully detach the canvas from its frame and roll them together. This significantly reduces the delivery cost. Upon receiving the rolled-up artwork, you can conveniently frame the canvas at a local framing store or even do it yourself at home. However, if you're not experienced in canvas framing, I recommend taking it to a professional framing service for optimal results. If you wish to only get the canvas and not the frame pieces, please email me at info@studiocelinew.com 



Can I Order Commissioned Art?

Absolutely! Feel free to send me an email at info@studiocelinew.com to discuss your commissioned art request.


What Type of Paint Do You Use?

I use acrylic paint for all my paintings. While my favorite brand is W&N, I also enjoy experimenting with new brands and colors.

You can explore my Amazon storefront where I have adlinks to my favorite tools and colors: Amazon Storefront Link


What Tools Do You Use for Blending?

I employ a variety of tools to create my paintings. Some of my favorites include sponges, hands, larger brushes, and painting knives.


I Have Bought The Online Course But It's Not Available On The Website Anymore?

I am currently refilming the art course, to make it much longer and detailed than it was before. Once it's up on the website again, you will receive an email with all the info to get the new course.