What an aaaaaamazing opening and exhibition! 
I have had a smile on my face throughout the whole day when looking through all of the photos and videos from yesterday. It's such an unreal feeling that people take take to come and visit me, and my art. I really wonder if that is ever going to stop. 
So, this whole week has been a whirlwind. For the past three weeks I have had an on and of again cold that just never seems to go away. Probably because I have continued to work and dealt with a lot of stress but I just needed to push through for this one. 
As some of you might know, Noomi has been out of office for the past weeks due to family matters, so I have been working all hours to get orders out, and finishing off the painting that was going to be shown on opening day. Thankfully, Matilda who has been a lifesaver, offered to step in and help me with everything this week. And on the day of, my amazing girlfriends came to help as well. I could never have managed this without them!
Even though me and Matilda had been prepping all week, somehow the clock went double as quick as usual yesterday and when it was just an hour before - we still has to pipe the cupcakes, get all of the name tags to each painting and steam the dresses and get the tables and ourselves ready. I don't think that I had ever had the time to do my hair to any of my exhibition, so a hairlip was the way to go, once again! 
Then its was finally time to open the doors and let everybody in! So here is a bunch of photos from the rest of the day! Now it's time to get some relax time and calm down. Thank you to everyone who showed up, and for all the love through social media. All paintings and prints are now available on the website to purchase!
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